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25Live Information Portal

The System of University Reservations and Calendar of Events


25Live is UVA's central reservation system for reserving academic classrooms, select department and UVA Recreation locations. 

25Live Access

All active UVA students, faculty and staff have access to use the system, however only officers from registered CIOs may request classroom space for their respective student group. 


News and Information

Summer 2024


System Updates:

25Live will be undergoing system improvements this Summer. If you experience difficulty saving an event via Express Scheduling, or when saving your event are prompted to choose an event folder, please contact the 25Live Administrator, and include the location you attempted to reserve.


CIO Representatives:

  • Academic classrooms are not available for CIO use during the Summer.
  • Academic classroom requests for Fall will begin at approximately noon on August 20th.
  • CIO questions?  Please contact Event Management - 924-7225


Faculty & Staff:

  • Summer requests for classroom spaces are now being accepted.
  • The event end date must be no later than August 26th.
  • At the beginning of the term, your request may not be confirmed until just before the event start date.  Please see the section below: "Event confirmation delays at the beginning of each term" for more information.
  • Location/Scheduling questions?  Please contact the location scheduler listed here: 25Live Schedulers.


UVA Recreation:

Summer 2024 Reservations for indoor and outdoor UVA Recreation venues are now being accepted.  See our reservation website for more information.

  • General Reservations must be submitted at least 3-days in advance and will be accepted up to 30-days in advance. 
  • Racquet Court reservations are available via Express Scheduling (no scheduler required).
General Scheduling Information

All academic classroom and many UVA Recreation location requests require an event scheduler to confirm your reservation prior to use.  Upon submitting your event request, you will receive an automatic email with additional instructions pertaining to the space you selected.  It will also include the contact information for the department scheduler.  Please do not make definite plans to use the location you selected until you have received a confirmation notice from the event scheduler. 

Academic Classroom Priority:  Please note that while the academic schedulers will work diligently to avoid displacing  your confirmed event, academic courses take priority and the re-scheduling of a course may necessitate moving or cancelling your event.

Event Confirmation Delays at the Beginning of a Term:  At the beginning of each term, there will be a delay processing your event requests. 

  • Requests for weeknight events may not be confirmed until a few hours before the event begins.  This delay is due to the high number of events submitted at the start of the term and courses being moved due to enrollment changes, course/instructor requirements, etc..  
  • Events that occur after 5:00 PM on Friday through Sunday night are more likely to be confirmed in advance. 
  • The turnaround time to process your event request will decrease significantly after the add/drop period has passed and course schedules are solidified.


Non-scheduled closings:

If the University closes due to inclement weather, etc., all events are to be considered cancelled for that occurrence as buildings will be locked.


Event Visibility Changes:

Beginning with 2024 events, requestors will only be able to view events that they submit via 25Live.  

  • Other events will appear as "Private" within the location's availability grid and calendar.
  • Events submitted by a scheduler (on behalf of a requestor) will appear as "Private".
  • Need to advertise your event?  Please visit the University Events Calendar site:
  • Course information will remain visible for all users.
Express Scheduling (self-scheduling)

25Live offers the ability to quickly reserve specific "self-schedule" locations for single occurrence events via Express Scheduling. When reserving these specific spaces, no scheduler interaction or confirmation will be required. 

Express Schedule locations include:

* These spaces are only available for the respective school requestors.

To reserve a space using Express Scheduling: 

  1. Click on a link from the list above.  The respective space schedules will be viewed from the 25Live "Availability Grid" for today's date.
  2. Adjust the Availability Grid's date if necessary.
  3. Select an available time block within the grid and the Express Scheduling form will open.
  4. Name the event and adjust the end time if necessary.
  5. Click "Save".

You will receive an automatic email with your confirmation as well as additional information specific to the location you selected.

Multiple Occurrences:  If you need to reserve the space for multiple occurrences, use the instructions above but use the "Open in Form" option at the bottom of the Express Scheduling window.  This will open the full "Event Form" with the information pre-populated. 

Submitting your event using the full Event Form will require an event scheduler to confirm your event.


Login to 25Live. (NetBadge required)


UVA Recreation...


is reserving their spaces using 25Live! They are also scheduling their tennis courts using "Express Scheduling". When you use Express Scheduling, the space will immediately be assigned and the event state set to "Confirmed".  No scheduler interaction is required.  More information at Express

"Reserve" vs. "Request"


Within the full "Event Form", the "Location Search" section will contain spaces returned by the search you utilized.  In the example below we used "My Spaces" which returned all available spaces.   You will notice that non-academic classroom spaces* have the green "Reserve" button, while academic

Questions and Feedback


If you have questions about your event you will need to contact your Event Scheduler.

If you have questions concerning a space scheduled via 25Live, please contact the respective department scheduler.

If you have questions about other spaces scheduled outside of 25Live, click HERE.  Note:  We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this list.

If you have questions about using the system, please view the "How To" section.   Afterwards if you still have questions, please contact the UVA 25Live Administrator.


The software provider of 25Live Pro has been introducing significant changes recently and they roll out additional updates and improvements at least monthly. Any feedback as to your website experience would be much appreciated and any ideas for software improvement will be relayed to the software provider. Please contact The 25Live Administrator with your feedback. Thank you for your assistance.