Creating Events with Express Scheduling

Creating Events with Express Scheduling

What is Express Scheduling?

Express Scheduling is a quick way to schedule specific Express Scheduling Spaces for one-time events.  When reserving these specific spaces (using the Express Scheduling form) no scheduler interaction or confirmation will be required. 

Express Schedule locations include:

* These spaces are only available for the respective school requestors.

To reserve a space using Express Scheduling: 

  1. Click on a link from the list above.  The respective space schedules will be viewed from the 25Live "Availability Grid" for today's date.
  2. Adjust the Availability Grid's date if necessary.
  3. Select an available time block within the grid and the Express Scheduling form will open.
  4. Name the event and adjust the end time if necessary.
  5. Click "Save".

You may also use the Express Scheduling Form located on your 25Live Home Page

  1. Enter the date and time for your event
  2. Select your space from the list of available locations list within the searchable Express Locations field.
  3. Name your event
  4. Click "Save"


Once the form has been submitted, you will receive an automatic email with your confirmation as well as additional information specific pertaining to the location you selected.

Multiple Occurrences:  If you need to reserve the space for multiple occurrences, use the instructions above but use the "Open in Form" option at the bottom of the Express Scheduling window.  This will open the full "Event Form" with the information pre-populated. 

Submitting your event using the full Event Form will require an event scheduler to confirm your event.

Learn more at the 25Live Help Site or contact UVA’s 25Live Administrator.